What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at ps.uni-sb.de
Tue Jun 20 14:01:20 CEST 2006

Rob Thorpe wrote:
> No, that isn't what I said.  What I said was:
> "A language is latently typed if a value has a property - called it's
> type - attached to it, and given it's type it can only represent values
> defined by a certain class."

"it [= a value] [...] can [...] represent values"?

> Easy, any statically typed language is not latently typed.  Values have
> no type associated with them, instead variables have types.

A (static) type system assigns types to (all) *expressions*. This 
includes values as well as variables.

Don't confuse type assignment with type annotation (which many 
mainstream languages enforce for, but also only allow for, variable 

- Andreas

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