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aum aum at spam.me.please
Tue Jun 20 00:53:42 CEST 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 13:09:08 -0700, diffuser78 wrote:

> I am newbie learning wxPython. I tried using GUI designer called
> wxGlade. When it generated code I couldnt get the same level of
> flexibility as writing the code by oneself.
> Any view on what you think about using GUI designer tools.
> Every help is appreciated.

I use wxGlade all the time, and find it's great. My only complaint is that
there are some controls it doesn't know about, such as wx.HtmlWindow, and
I have to add these controls in wxGlade as 'custom' controls. But to me,
that's pretty minor.

To get the best out of wxGlade, you really need to subclass the classes
that wxGlade generates. Don't look to wxGlade to write your app for you.
It's there for gui structure (the 'view'), and it's up to you to flesh out
the 'controller' side.

So I'd recommend you persist with wxGlade - subclass all the classes that
wxGlade generates, and add your own methods to handle events, set up the
gui as you want, and (in some rare cases) do some extra initial bindings.

I typically set wxGlade to generate a file called 'myapp_ui.py', and I
write my own 'myapp.py', in which I 'import myapp_ui', then subclass the
wxGlade-generated classes in 'myapp_ui'.

Works a treat for me, and saves a lot of time compared to hand-coding the



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