Very nice python IDE (windows only)

digitalorganics at digitalorganics at
Mon Jun 12 10:42:42 EDT 2006

Great IDE! I love it. Two things that make me very happy:

1. Unlike PythonWin and Stan's Python Editor (SPE), PyScripter shows
not just methods but also attributes in the class browser. [I'll
mention that Eric3 also does this, but I don't use Eric3 much because
the editor component doesn't allow scrolling through my code with a
mouse wheel (something I'm extremely used to being able to do at this

2. Extremely useful tooltips! You can receive context sensitive
information on methods, variables, and classes just by hovering over
them with your mouse! Awesome, truly awe inspiring.

I also like the modern look! Very slick and configurable. The variable
window below is nice too...

Thanks for mentioning!



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