More pythonic shell sort?

akameswaran at akameswaran at
Fri Jun 9 23:00:30 CEST 2006

Disclaimer - I recognize this is not a practical exercise.  There are
many implementations around that would do the job better, more
efficiently (Meaning in C) or whatever.

I caught some thread about sorting and started thinking about shell
sort.... and as part of my trying to pythonise my mind and break my
java mindset

So I decided to tackle this old school problem with the python mindset.

I played around with some list comprehensions, trying to use slicing
inteligently etc.  Anyway this is what I came up with.  If anyone has
suggestions on a more pythonic way to go (all attempts at using list
comprehensions turned into unruly rubbish quite quickly)  I'd
appreciate the input.    An aside - can anyone tell me where the use +=
and -=  is documented?  it works but I can't find it in my docs.
(don't ask about shellSorters 1 thru 3)

class shellSorter4(object):

    def __init__(self,gapSeq):
        self.gapSeq = gapSeq                      # gap sequences are
notoriously hard to tune

    def sort(self,myList):
        for gap in self.gapSeq:
            for i in range(1,gap+1):

    def gapInsertionSort(self,theList,start,gap):
        for i in range(start,len(theList),gap):
            j = i
            curElem = theList[j]
            while (j > 0) and (theList[j-gap] > curElem):
                j -=gap                            # undocumented
            if j!=i:

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