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Mon Jun 26 21:42:18 CEST 2006

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> whats the difference between raw input and input?

'input' is used to ask the user to input a python expression, which is
then run, and 'input' returns the result of executing that expression. For

(define a function which prints something out)

>>> def func():
...     print "You're calling a function"
...     return "Function result"

(now, call input)

>>> res = input('Type python here: ')

(python outputs the prompt )

Type python here:

(and, if you type the python code to call a function after the prompt)

Type python here: func()

(then python calls the function, which prints out)

You're calling a function

(meanwhile, the result of calling the function gets assigned to 'res')

>>> print res
Function result

'raw_input' just returns whatever text the user typed in. That's what you
want to use here. 'raw_input' returns a string, which you'll need to
convert to a number with the 'int' function, like so:

text = raw_input('Type in a number: ')
number = int(text)

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