Python taught in schools?

David Reed dreedmac at
Sun Jun 25 18:33:17 CEST 2006

> MilkmanDan wrote:
>> I'll be a college freshman this fall, attending Florida Institute of
>> Tech studying electrical engineering.
>> I was considering taking some classes in programming and computer
>> science, and I happened to notice that everything taught is using C 
>> ++.
>> After further research, it seems to me that C++ seems to be the
>> dominating language in universities.

Actually, I think Java is the most commonly used language in the CS1,  
although C++ may be more popular at engineering institutions.

>> By comparison, our local community college teaches a few classes  
>> in VB,
>> Java, Javascript, C++, and for some reason, PASCAL.
>> I'm certianly not against any of this, but out of curiousity does
>> anyone know of a school that teaches Python?

See the following for a list compiled from responses on the python- 
edu list.


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