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Mon Jun 19 23:01:50 CEST 2006

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> Tom Del Rosso wrote:
>> Why is the Windows msi install file for ActivePython- only
>> 15MB whereas the older msi file for ActivePython- was 19MB?
>> BTW, is that the prefered Python environment?
> Are you sure you are comparing the right packages? By my count:
> ActivePython- 19,053 KB
> ActivePython- 19,237 KB
> Note that the Windows *64-bit* builds are smaller (around 15MB)
> because they do not include PyWin32.

Thanks.  I didn't notice the file name was wrong until I tried to install

Can I ask you about alternative environments?  How do Active Python and IDLE
from compare?  I'm just starting out with it and I know they run
the same code but I don't want to have to change environments later.


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