better Python IDE? Mimics Maya's script editor?

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Jun 9 09:39:26 CEST 2006

warpcat wrote:
> I've been scripting in Maya, via mel for years now.  Recently learning
> to Python, love it.  Thing that's driving me nuts it the IDE.  I'm
> using PythonWin right now and trying to find something better, mainly
> with this functionality:
> In Maya's mel script editor window, it's split into two sections.
> Bottom window you can enter commands (where your script lives), top
> window gives results.  The thing I'm really used to is highlighting X#
> of lines in the bottom window (little snippits from my script), and
> executing that selection, with instant feedback of the results on top.
> This really speeds my workflow.
> It seems completely missing (so far) in Python's IDE.  I have to copy
> and paste from a script to the ide window to execute and see the
> results, or I have to make a bunch of "buffer scripts" with just the
> code snippetsI want to test in.  Seems *really* clunky.
> Does anyone know of a scripting enviroment for Python that mimics what
> Maya's script editor has?  Much appreciated.
I don't know of anything that exhibits the exact behaviour you describe, 
but then again you might like to consider that i found your request very 
odd. I'm sure that way of testing code seems entirely natural to you, 
but I can honestly say that in almost ten years using Python it's not 
something I have ever wished for.

You might also wish to reconsider your approach to the Python community. 
"PythonWin sucks" isn't my idea of how to win friends and influence 
people in a first posting to a usenet newsgroup. By and large we are a 
friendly bunch here, but you don't want to start off on the wrong foot :-)

Take a look at DrPython ( - you might 
be able to script it to do what you want, and anyway it's more of a 
lightweight interface than PythonWin so you might find it less intrusive.

[Irrelevant ramble: Man, SoureceForge really know how to screw a web 
site up. I'm guessing they think that the changes of the last year are 
"improvements". Boy are they wrong. What a mess!]

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