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Thu Jun 15 18:33:43 CEST 2006

diffuser78 at wrote:
> I am pasting my code. I created a small little GUI without any
> functionality as of yet. I wanted to ask few questions on that.
[lots of code ...]
> If I click on any of the items of the File Menu, say I click on "Open
> config File", I want a new windows to come up.
> My questions is when I create a new Frame/Windows in wxGlade, will it
> be wxFrame or wxMDI Frame......which one should I choose and why ?
> I am not completely aware of all the small tools that wxGlade gives and
> how to place them.
> Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.
As I already said I'm a bit to busy to help with specifics right now. 
Two places you might go for help:


    The introductory tutorial I gave at PyCon TX 2006

2: Email to wxPython-users-help at

    There's a fairly friendly community who will take your code as
    evidence you are trying to help yourself and explain the basics
    as necessary.

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