import chains

Wesley Henwood wesleyhenwood at
Wed Jun 28 05:29:30 CEST 2006

I have a program which uses a combination of MFC multithreading, python
multithreading, and extended and embedded python.

This works:
>From the C++ app, call python script A within a MFC thread.  Script A
imports module 2 which imports module 3.  Module 3 is a c++ extension,
the code for which is within in C++ app.

This does not:
Everthing the same, only Script A imports module 1 which imports module
2 which imports module 3. I get very strange behavior - the script
thread seems to give an exit code and yet still be running.  When the
thread exists for sure I get another exit signal. In short, it is
exibiting unpredictable behavior.

It seems that it can handle the double import.  But the triple import
is too much.  However no error messages are produced.

I have scanned comp.lang.python and the net and there are many posts
about nesting/import problems.  They all deal with slighly different
cases but I think they are perhaps related.  Is this basically the same

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