code is data

Ravi Teja webraviteja at
Thu Jun 29 20:03:02 CEST 2006

I missed this reply earlier.

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> there might be cognitive theories that argue that the length of the
> symbols used to describe something is more important than the symbols
> you use and how they can be "chunked" by the brain

Expert communication is known to work differently. For example, take a
doctor's note. It's minimalist representation and domain specific
notational standardizations are absolute gibberish for a reader without
the knowledge of medicine (or more specifically, the sub-specialty) and
the context of the patient. But it is very efficient for the audience
it is intended for. Now, the hand writing - that's a wholly different
story :-).

BTW, I am studying clinical information representations. This
discussion was interesting to me because I am trying to see programming
language representation as a better discussed and more structured
microcosm of the relatively fuzzy domain I am studying. Of course,
there are many important differences and I may be drawing the parallels
liberally at this point but it gives me an interesting perspective.

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