Screen Scraping for Modern Applications?

Cameron Laird claird at
Mon Jun 12 15:22:12 CEST 2006

In article <1150088989.408815.290690 at>,
 <ljr2600 at> wrote:
>Scrape means simply scraping pixel colors from locations on the screen.
>I'll worry about assembling it into meaningful information.
>Previously, I used Java, and it has a very handy built in class called
>Robot that can, amongst other things, report the color of on screen
>pixels. Thusly, I assumed the task could be accomplished reasonably

I understand far better now.  Others have already pointed you toward
pywinauto and so on.  There are several other possibilities, including
the BLT extension, reliance under Unix on xwd and xwdtoppm, and more.
I think I should point out that Robot, potent though it is, is *not*
universal:  in an X11 environment, for example, it requires XTEST.

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