a good programming text editor (not IDE)

Josiah Manson slomojo83 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 19:22:36 CEST 2006

You could try SciTE. It has syntax highlighting for almost every
language I have heard of plus some, and seems to work pretty well. It
has some issues with fonts, and on some computers is unstable (it
crashes in linux, and may have issues with multiprocessor machines).

I would also like to know if someone has made a good text editor that
works in a variety of languages and overcomes some of SciTE's

John Salerno wrote:
> I know there's a request for a good IDE at least once a week on the ng,
> but hopefully this question is a little different. I'm looking for
> suggestions for a good cross-platform text editor (which the features
> for coding, such as syntax highlighting, etc.) but not a full IDE with
> all the fancy jazz (GUI developer, UML diagrams, etc.).
> Ideally, it would be something I could even put on a flash drive and
> move from computer to computer, but this isn't necessary. Just something
> I can immediately use in either Windows or Linux (or Mac, if necessary).
> Based on another thread, I tried out Scite, but no matter what I do it
> doesn't seem to remember the window size and position, or any options I
> choose (like showing line numbers). It seems to always reset itself each
> time I open it.
> And naturally there are Emacs and Vim, but I just don't know if I need
> to invest *that* much time into learning one of them (probably Vim,
> since I hear it's lighter and faster).
> I've tried a few others, like TextPad and Crimson, and right now I use
> UltraEdit, which I love actually, except for minor issues here and
> there. But it'd be nice to make the move, as much as possible, to free,
> open-source, cross-platform software.
> Thanks for any suggestions, and again I'm sorry if this feels like the
> same question as usual (it's just that in my case, I'm not looking for
> something like SPE, Komodo, Eric3, etc. right now).

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