Select hangs after some reads

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Thu Jun 8 17:04:16 CEST 2006

Grant Edwards escreveu:

> On 2006-06-08, alsmeirelles at <alsmeirelles at> wrote:
> > Well, actually I´m using a very simple protocol wich sends only
> > strings ended by newline. I need to send 3 chunks of information and a
> > newline after them. On the reader side I make 3 readline(), this way I
> > wouldn´t have to care about this problem, but maybe that´s where I´m
> > falling. If that´s the case, I´ll have to use a more complex
> > protocol.
> You can't use readline() with select().  Select tells you
> whether recv() called on the underlying socket will block or
> not.  What's probably happening is that all of the data has
> been read from the underlying socket and is being held in a
> buffer waiting to be read by readline().

Yes, as I expected, its the buffers. In my opinion the problem is that
the socket module
doesn't provide a way of reading all its internal buffer.

readlines() just make subsequent calls to readline and readline may
call recv, so we have a locked scene. I want to know if I will block
anyway. Of course I can clean the buffer myself, but I think the socket
module should provide a way of doing this. It's not a big problem

> The Select call has no way of knowing about that buffered data.
> As far as it's concerned there's no more data left to read, so
> it block until the socket is closed.

You're very right.

Andre LS Meirelles
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