Iteration over recursion?

Sudden Disruption rod at
Wed Jun 21 00:23:59 CEST 2006


> Yes. And everything done with Python can be done with assembly language
> too.

It's even more general than that...

To simply Turning, anything that can compute, can compute anything that
can be computed - hardware OR software.

But that doesn't mean you should use it.  Imagine if we all took that
to heart and only coded for the Turing Machine!

So yes, I'll concede the point.  Some tools ARE better than others.
It's just that recursion is more often misused than not.

> Recursion is the most convenient way to express some common algorithms.

Yes.  But very few.

> Too bad for you if it does some nasty things to your mind.

It's not recursion per se that does the nasty things.  It's the way
it's been promoted over the years when the simplier iterative solution
is a better choice.

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