string replace

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Jun 30 16:23:18 CEST 2006

> a lot of times I need to replace more than one char into a
> string, so I have to do something like
> value = "test"
> chars = "e"
> for c in chars:
>    value = value.replace(c, "")
> A solution could be that "replace" accept a tuple/list of
> chars, like that was add into the new 2.5 for startswith.
> I don't know, but can be this feature included into a future
> python release?

Well, another way of doing it would be

 >>> values = "this is a test"
 >>> chars = "aeiou"
 >>> "".join([c for c in values if c not in chars])
'ths s  tst'

If your either your chars is a large set or you're performing 
this repeatedly with the same set of chars, you might want the 
speed of membership-testing that one would get from a true set:

 >>> charset = set(chars) # do this once for the set
 >>> # do the following as many times as you like in loops, etc.
 >>> "".join([c for c in values if c not in charset])
'ths s  tst'



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