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Rony Steelandt bucodi at yahoo.fr.invalid
Mon Jun 19 10:13:45 CEST 2006

>> I am newbie learning wxPython. I tried using GUI designer called
>> wxGlade. When it generated code I couldnt get the same level of
>> flexibility as writing the code by oneself.
>> Any view on what you think about using GUI designer tools.
>> Every help is appreciated.
> Boa is excellent if you stay at a primary level. It's a visual design tool, 
> and it can help you to learn how to manage wx classes. It works on windows 
> and linux as well.
> My understanding of wxglade is that you need skills about sizers to be 
> confident with it. So if you know how to use sizers, you don't really need a 
> tool.
> Regards,
> jm

I use wxDesigner

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