Pyrex list/array

Jim Lewis jim.lewis at
Sun Jun 4 05:59:00 EDT 2006

Thanks for your comments.

> You probably didn't expect the Inquisition...

Correct ;-)

> 1. What is your speed requirement and how far short of that are you at  the moment?

~10 times faster.

> 2. Are you sure there is no Python or third-party module that does what you want?


> 3. Is your algorithm the best possible?

I think so although of course one can never be certain.

> 4. Is your Python implementation of that algorithm the best possible? Have you exposed it to the critical gaze of the speed-freaks in this  newsgroup?

Thanks for the good suggestion but I want to try pyrex first.

> 5. Does your architecture support psyco? If so, have you tried that and what were the results?

Already using psyco.

> The question might be better asked on the Pyrex mailing list.

I did not find it - where is it?

> Almost any Python code is also valid Pyrex code. For a start, just compile your function with Pyrex and compare the speed.

It's slower.

> What you do next is going to depend very much on what operations you are performing on  the list and the objects it contains.

Simple list of ints. Comparing sections of lists between each other.

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