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Fri Jun 30 14:29:11 EDT 2006

Robert Hicks wrote:
> aaronwmail-usenet at wrote:
> > .... why are people so concerned
> > that it's not changing?
> >
> I didn't mean to be irritating and I wasn't concerned about it not
> changing but I could probably have stated the question a little better.
> For some reason I thought it was a dead project so maybe "still being
> maintained" would be a better statement. I dunno.

You're not the only one.  Why do I keep seeing "gadfly...dead"
in the same sentence?

What if it doesn't need maintenance?  Does that make it dead?
No offense to you personally, you are just repeating what
everyone else has been saying for years for reasons that
totally escape me.  Several times people have suggested that
gadfly be added to the python standard library and then the
question comes up... who will maintain it?  And I answer I'll
maintain it if anyone finds serious problems with it and then
a few months later I hear that it was decided that gadfly was
a dead project.  This has been going on since about '97.
It's irritating and tiresome.  Sorry, I'm grumpy today.

   -- Aaron Watters

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