Using Komodo 3.5 - Setting breakpoints in multiple *.py files

jeem jeem.moffitt at
Tue Jun 6 18:28:17 CEST 2006

I am using ActiveState Komodo 3.5 to work on a large python 2.4
application with an extensive UI...  I am attempting to debug the
application and am setting breakpoints in 4 different *.py files..
Breakpoints in the main file are working OK, but any breakpoints in
imported files are not... The three imported files are open in Komodo
and are in the same local directory as the main file (in the
python24/Lib/site-packages tree)... The code sections I am trying to
debug are invoked by some UI events...  When I start the debugging
section and navigate to the features I am trying to debug, the
breakpoint are ignored...  I can execute a "Break now" command and the
IDE is smart enough to find and display imported *.py resources... but
normal breakpoints are ignored...

I am new to Komodo and Python, and the IDE debugging features are
certainly not working as expected, based upon my experience with Visual
Studio and JBuilder...  I've searched the included Help system and so
far haven't had any luck...


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