Screen Scraping for Modern Applications?

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Mon Jun 12 07:09:49 CEST 2006

Cameron Laird wrote:
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> >For a side project I'm working on I need to be able to scrape a modern
> >computer desktop. Is there any basic material already available to do
> >this? I'd rather not need to write my own to interact with hardware.
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> Oh, no.
> Very hard.  Very, very hard.
> At least as you've expressed it here, this is an exceptionally
> difficult task.  What does "scrape" mean to you?  Do you want
> to reproduce the display remotely, or extract text, or some other
> possibility?  Does "modern computer" mean Windows to you?

Scrape means simply scraping pixel colors from locations on the screen.
I'll worry about assembling it into meaningful information.

Previously, I used Java, and it has a very handy built in class called
Robot that can, amongst other things, report the color of on screen
pixels. Thusly, I assumed the task could be accomplished reasonably

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