Python is fun (useless social thread) ;-)

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Thu Jun 15 18:02:28 CEST 2006

John Salerno napisał(a):

>> And I still don't get this "web application" hype, and all these "web
>> frameworks" scare me, as I internally don't trust any magic.
> Yeah, I dabbled with CGI, but I haven't seriously looked into anything
> like TurboGears yet. Of course, my problem is that I don't *need* to
> learn TurboGears, Django, etc...I just feel the desire to learn them
> (which is bad, in a way, because then I have no reason to use them!) And
> of course learning a framework like this means learning a lot of other
> parts too, like CherryPy, Mochi or something like that, etc. :)

Yea, that's right -- all these frameworks are of no use for me too. I
think I should learn at least some basics of them (like how WSGI stack
works), but my spare time is at most 2 hours at evening, so I choose
things that are closer to my current tasks, like new GUI framework (i.e.
Kiwi for PyGTK or Wax for wxPython) or new networking library.

Anyway, noone is expected to be an expert in every aspect. ;)

Jarek Zgoda

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