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Mon Jun 12 18:01:20 CEST 2006

digitalorganics at wrote:
> Hello all. I want a ruby and a python module to be able to communicate
> with each other, access classes, instances and the like. Is there a
> bridge for this? I'm aware of rupy, but the documentation seems rather
> inadequate for the uninitiated. Are there other libraries/bridges or
> maybe a rupy tutorial? Thank you.


Don't know if there is a specific Ruby/Python bridge, but one way that
will work for some needs is to use XML-RPC. Its not very difficult to
understand and to program. XML-RPC is a lightweight distributed
computing method, much simpler than say, CORBA. Also has less features,
but may suffice for your needs. It has support for many languages and,
as long as the needed libraries are there for your language, you can
use any language for the client and any language for the server. I know
for sure that XML-RPC supports Python and have used it with Python
myself. Check out (and also Google for more resources
on this topic) to learn more, download source code examples, and to
check if there is Ruby support for it.

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