C# equivalent to range()

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 00:05:40 CEST 2006

Neuruss wrote:
> Erik Max Francis wrote:
> > > I'm curious, who are "us"?
> >
> > The regular readers of comp.lang.python.  If you don't think we haven't
> > seen this a zillion times before, you're kidding yourself.
> >
> > If you want help on a language, ask in that language's newsgroup/mailing
> > list/forum/whatever.
> >
> > It surprises me how often people don't ask useful questions, or
> > deliberately and knowingly ask questions in the wrong places, and then
> > actually _defend_ their actions after they're politely but firmly
> > informed how to fix the problem.  You're really not making yourself look
> > any better by continuing this thread ...
> Just to finish this thread:
> 1) It wasn't a blunt question. I started the post apologizing for the
> (not entirely) off opic question.
> 2) I wasn't politely informed. It was pretty harshly.
> 3) If you mean that "us" are the zillion registered users of this
> mailing list, well buddy, you know a whole lot of people!
> 4) At least one of these people replied kindly and correctly to my
> question within seconds. Three of four more spent several minutes
> whining.
> The other zilion persons who were not interested (other than the four I
> mentioned above) silently and peacefully ignored the question on went
> on with their happy lifes.

FWIW I agree. If anyone didn't want to answer the question they didn't
need to.

Why be rude to someone asking a polite question. It's not as if there
isn't much more *worse* noise on this group.


> À bientôt,
> Neuruss

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