carshing the interpreter in two lines

sam samschul at
Sat Jun 3 18:07:34 CEST 2006


It is my opinion that you would loose performance if the Python
interpreter had the additional task of verifying byte code. It might be
more appropriate to have a preprocessor that did the verifying as it
compiled the byte code.

Sam Schulenburg

gangesmaster wrote:
> the following (random) code crashes my interpreter
> (python 2.4.3/winxp):
> from types import CodeType as code
> exec code(0, 5, 8, 0, "hello moshe", (), (), (), "", "", 0, "")
> i would expect the interpreter to do some verifying, at least for
> sanity (valid opcodes, correct stack size, etc.) before executing
> artbitrary code... after all, it was the BDFL who said """I'm not
> saying it's uncrashable. I'm saying that if you crash it, it's a
> bug unless proven harebrained."""
> -tomer

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