python texts?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sat Jun 17 08:46:29 CEST 2006

nate wrote:

> I am enjoying it at the moment. I intend to be done with it in a 
> week. But not sure where it will put me in the grand scheme of 
> programming with python.

> So perhaps a more direct question would be, what do I read after this
> book? Should I read something before this book? Should I ditch this 
> book?

If you get through Learning Python, you'll know the *entire* language.

All you need then is practice, and the best way to practice is to read
and write code.  Make sure you do the exercises in Learning Python on 
your computer, and even more importantly: *read* existing code; go grab 
some program or library that you find somewhat interesting, and study 
the it's source code.  Even if you don't understand everything, you'll 
pick up invaluable idioms and patterns that you can use in your own code.

(And don't miss

You should also skim the Library Reference so you know what's in there,
and where to find it when you need it; if you prefer hardcopy, get
Beazley's Essential Python or Martelli's Nutshell book.  Skimming the
Python FAQ is also a good idea.


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