How to link foreign keys & primary keys using python?

Harry George at
Fri Jun 9 08:52:04 CEST 2006

"sonal" <sonaldgr8 at> writes:

> Hi all,
> I hv started with python just recently... and have been assigned to
> make an utility which would be used for data validations...
> plz help me... till get my hands on python... :)

1. This sure looks like a school assignment.  

2. "till get my..." Do you actually not have python installed yet?  It
   is hopeless to tackle this problem if you haven't done a few simple
   "hello, world" tasks.  

3. Do you have a data model?  In this case, you need to think
   carefully about what a RDBMS, PK, and FK are.  In otherwords, a
   metamodel.  Generally, once you understand the data structures you
   should implement them pretty much verbatim in a "model" module.
   Then do reader/writer modules so you can load that model from your
   data sources and dump out to your data sinks.

4. Do you have a testsuite and test harness?  Put together your test
   harness, then develop for the simplest case, then add complexity.
   E.g., no FK, FK with 1 attr, FK with multiple attrs, FKs with
   shared attrs.

Harry George
PLM Engineering Architecture

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