learning python idioms

vbgunz vbgunz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 08:13:31 CEST 2006

> After several years developing in Java, I've begun to switch to Python
> for several of my new projects as I have found the language quite
> interesting.  I've read several tutorials and implemented a few sample
> programs and I've found that Python enables one to program in a variety
> of different styles (I'm not sure if this was the original intention or
> not).  Thus, I find myself occaisionally slipping into the "Java"
> mindset when writing Python code and I wonder if this is not optimal.
> Python is not Java and there must be more "correct" ways of doing this
> in Python that simply writing Java code with different syntax.  Is
> there a good reference on the internet about Python-specific idioms and
> just good Python style in general.  Which language constructs are
> efficient and which aren't?

I completely agree with this. I wish some people would gather and
create a site dedicated to efficient Python idioms. This would be truly
awesome! I hope you get good news on this!


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