memory leak problem with arrays

sonjaa sonja.coussell at
Wed Jun 14 22:35:25 CEST 2006


I'm new to programming in python and I hope that this is the problem.

I've created a cellular automata program in python with the numpy array
extensions. After each cycle/iteration the memory used to examine and
change the array as determined by the transition rules is never freed.
I've tried using "del" on every variable possible, but that hasn't
worked. I've read all the forums for helpful hints on what to do, but
nothing has worked so far. I've even tried the "python memory
verification" (beta) program, which did point to numpy.dtype and
numpy.ndarray as increasing objects, before the whole computer crashed.

I can supply the code if needed. I'm desperate because this is part of
my thesis, and if I can't get this fixed, I'll try another programming

thanks in advance

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