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Vincenzo Ciancia vincenzo_yahoo_addressguard-gmane at
Mon Jun 5 11:15:46 CEST 2006

Joachim Durchholz wrote:

>> People can then decide if they still wish to send the abuse complain
>> (e.g. can follow a link within the autoresponder).
> Nope. Finding out the provider is enough of a barrier. Additional
> barriers are not really necessary.
> Xah Lee has been irritating people for months.

Come on! What does it cost to ignore a thread compared to what it costs to
allow arbitrary censorship? Also, what would it cost to this guy to get
another account and irritate people again for many years until termination
of the new account? The only difference here is that someone legally
decided that he could not express himself for a while. This will not
prevent him coming back. There are lots of people that irritate me in
italian politics for example, telling bullshit all the time :) but I do not
hope they will be censored :) Again, in kmail I press the "i" key when I
see Xah Lee and I live happier.



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