Python on intel osx

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sat Jun 24 08:12:05 CEST 2006

John Lockwood <jal at> wrote:

> Can someone please suggest the most suitable python  for mac osx 10.4.6
> Finding the right installs doesn't seem quite as cut and dried as it is for
> linux or windows.

4-07.dmg> -- a link found at
<> under the heading
"MacOS X".

> I'm also looking for numeric and pyopengl.

I am not aware of precompiled versions of these packages for this latest
version of MacOSX.  However, Apple's XCode can be downloaded for free
(you can probably also get a copy, w/o the bother of downloading, from
the Installers folder on your MacOSX DVD -- but it won't be the latest
and greatest;-), and it includes a gcc which lets you build and install
most normal Python extensions from source distributions by just typing
"python install" at the Terminal (you may need to use sudo to
request installation privileges, and/or set your $PATH appropriately to
ensure you're using the version of Python you want to build and install
for, e.g. the above-mentioned 2.4.3 rather than the 2.3.5 that comes
with MacOSX itself).


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