Need pixie dust for building Python 2.4 curses module on Solaris 8

John J. Lee jjlee at
Tue Jun 6 22:59:25 CEST 2006

skip at writes:

> I'm having no success building the curses module on Solaris 8 (yes, I know
> it's ancient - advancing the state-of-the-art is not yet an option) for
> Python 2.4.  Sun provides an apparently ancient version of curses in
> /usr/lib, so I downloaded and installed ncurses 5.5, both using default
> settings and using --with-shared.  When the curses module is linked against
> I get some strange error about acs32map being undefined (which
> appears to live in a couple termcap-ish files in /usr/lib).  When the curses
> module is linked against libncurses.a I get bazillions of linker errors like
> this:
>     Text relocation remains                 referenced
>         against symbol          offset      in file
>     table.0                     0x41        /opt/app/nonc++/ncurses-5.5/lib/libncurses.a(lib_color.o)
> The build step and output from distutils are:
> Any ideas what's wrong and what I need to do to correct the problem?

Was libncurses.a compiled with -fpic (or -fPIC, if necessary)?


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