Help Installing

Scott McCracken scott.mccracken at
Wed Jun 28 05:53:56 CEST 2006

I just got Python 2.4 setup locally (Mac OS X) and am trying to extend
it by installing both the markdown and smartypants plugins. Ultimately
I'd like to be able use both in a custom CMS I'm building with Django.

Installing markdown was a snap by following the instructions at, but I cannot
figure out what to do for smartypants. I have found:, but cannot make any sense
of it. After reading Jeff Croft's wonderful site, I know it's possible
- and when I asked him in one of his posts he gave me the following

> As for SmartyPants -- there is a Python port. I've found it to be not quite as perfect as the original   >Perl version, but it basically works. Just Google for it. You'd install it the same way (drop > in your Python path).

Does anyone know what port he's talking about? Is it the
file referenced above? And if so, any quick tips for a clueless UNIX
user on how to drop in my Python path? Many thanks in

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