How do you practice Python?

sam samschul at
Fri Jun 2 22:45:56 CEST 2006

Years ago I developed a Hard Disk Drive diagnostic program "SCSIPython"
while working for  a disk drive company. When I left that company,and
realized that these routines would never be used by the company, I
released it as Open Source. Since then I have maintained this code, and
enhanced it with the various versions of Python that have been released
after V1.5.
I find that with each update my code becomes more robust,with added
features. Also As I moved from company to company I made certain that
they knew that this code was Open Source,and only proprietary methods
will be excluded, when I signed the standard intellectual property

Sam Schulenburg

Jarek Zgoda wrote:
> sjdevnull at napisa³(a):
> >>In our field, we don't always get to program in the language we'd like
> >>to program. So... how do you practice Python in this case?
> >
> > Write code.  Lots of it.  Work on a project at home, contribute to
> > something open source, use it to write support scripts at work,
> > whatever.  Figure out a way to write code.
> I second that. I moved from Python to J2EE in my job, but I didn't stop
> writing Python code for my spare-time projects. Now, when tight schedule
> made my project's manager to shift paradigm from buzz to productivity, I
> am happy I can write programs in Python again. On AS/400, but still
> better than Java... :D
> -- 
> Jarek Zgoda

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