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WIdgeteye <None at none.none> wrote:

>On Tue, 30 May 2006 16:15:44 +1000, John McMonagle wrote:
>> Tim Roberts is right.  As you are on linux, I suggest you investigate the
>> at command - very user friendly and not at all complicated.
>I have been using Slackware for over 10 years I know all about the
>commands on the OS.
>If you guys don't have an answer to the question just say so. But don't
>give me suggestions on how to use an OS I have been using most likely
>longer than 90% of the people using linux today.
>This is the comp.lang.python news group not the linux news group. If I
>didn't want to write the Python code and I wanted to use the OS commands
>instead I would. 

Utter nonsense.  If someone posted on comp.lang.python that they wanted to
know how to write a DMA-based PCI driver in Python, I am sure as heck going
to tell them that there are better tools for the job and better newsgroups
for the question.

>Python is cross platform. Linux is not. I intend to release the software
>to the general public someday when it is done. I want it cross platform.

Windows also has an "at" command.

However, you are not going to be able to write a television-based
application that is cross platform.  The video tools are just too

>BTW in the time it took me NOT to get an answer for my question in this so
>called Python NG, I figured it out for myself. 

That's almost always the case with newsgroups.  They are NOT a real-time

>This PYTHON NG blows to high heaven. Whats worse, the answers I got were
>most likely from people who know SQUAT about Python scripting. That's why 
>they gave me such lame fucking answers. 

We did not give you "lame fucking answers".  We gave you solutions to the
problem you posed.  If the problem statement wasn't clear enough, that
isn't our fault.


It takes one to know one.
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