Screen capturing on Windows

jUrner at jUrner at
Wed Jun 14 02:47:48 CEST 2006

Rune Strand schrieb:

> Is it possible by use of pyWin32 or ctypes to make a screen capture of
> an inactive, or a hidden window if the hwnd/WindowName/ClassName is
> known? I've seen dedicated screen capture software do this. While
> PIL.ImageGrab.grab() is excellent, it will only capture the foreground
> of the desktop. I've tried for hours, but I soon get helplessly lost in
> the labyrinths of the Win32API.

As it says: the window is hidden. You can not make a screen shot of a
window 'cos it has no visual representation at the very moment. Simply
show it.
And if you do not want to see it while it's shown show it somewhere out
of the bounds of your virtual screen.  



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