SWIG problems with gcc and Cygwin?

Michael Yanowitz m.yanowitz at kearfott.com
Tue Jun 27 13:46:15 CEST 2006

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Michael Yanowitz wrote:
>   No response yet. The SWIG test works fine in Linux no problems.
> However, I still have the problem in Cygwin.
>   Also, not sure if related but I do have a win32 Python 2.4.3 and
> Cygwin Python 2.4.1. Not sure if there are any conflicts. Any advice
> in making these two co-exist?
>   The only C/C++ compiler I have presently is Cygwin gcc.
I wouldn't claim to be an expert but it looks like you are missing
libraries. Shouldn't you at least be loading -l c to get functions
defined in libc?

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   Possibly. I thought of that, but Linux doesn't require that I link in
the C Library. Maybe Cygwin does or maybe a parameter is needed in gcc
to do that automatically. The sample program (in
http://www.swig.org/tutorial.html )
does not mention this.

Michael Yanowitz

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