Simple script to make .png thumbnails from .zip archive...

hdante at hdante at
Tue Jun 20 04:59:26 EDT 2006

K P S wrote:
> Thanks everyone.

> routines to list all the files in a zip archive, but I don't see any to
> list only the first, or only the second, etc.  It doesn't look like

 If you can list all the files, then you can list only the first. :-)
Don't worry about python internal allocation procedures. It will try to
make things in an efficient way. Just make sure your code looks cool.

> zip=zipfile.ZipFile("",mode="r")

 That's because you're using the wrong syntax. -> zip.namelist()[0]

 However, I bet that your first file in the zip is not a jpeg file. Do
this, instead:

 zip = zipfile.ZipFile('')
 jpeglist = [x for x in zip.namelist() if '.jp' in x]
   picture =[0])
 except IndexError:
   print 'No jpeg found'

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