Reddit broke - should have remained on Lisp?

Luis M. González luismgz at
Fri Jun 30 15:49:13 CEST 2006

Alok wrote:
> Luis M. González wrote:
> > Alok wrote:
> > > I was merely describing my experience and inviting others' response
> > > about theirs.
> >
> > That's exactly what I'm doing.
> You misinterpret, I was talking about my experience with the site and
> inviting response from other people about their experience with the
> site. Now, I don't know much about python or lisp, but I have read
> about this web-site's history with the two programming languages. And
> hence I chose to post in comp.lang.lisp and comp.lang.python.
>      Now if there were a or
>, and if they had the same traction as these
> usenet groups, then I could have posted there. But that was not an
> option was it.
> >
> > > Please don't misconstrue that as a blame on any language.
> >
> > I think it can be interpreted in many ways.
> Can you please explain what your interpretation is?
> > Now if you're not ready to read other people's oppinions, don't ask.
> >
> Now, I think you are unfairly prejudiced about my not wanting to read
> other people's opinion. I would rather have a 1000 acrid responses to
> something I write and learn from it, than post into a responseless
> vacuum.
> > > And of course, I disagree with your comments about ridicule etc.
> >
> > Ok.

Dear Alok,

I think is you who are misinterpreting me (or I didn't make myself
You posted a link to a joke from reddit, which is perfectly fine, is
very funny.
But below, you added a comment wondering whether the change from Lisp
to Python may be a reason for a huge performance loss.

I'm not a python bigot, but I just said that blamming a language choice
for such a deficieny was ridiculous. There are hundreds of very complex
web sites developed in python that doesn't suffer these problems, and,
even if they are developed in python, you must take into account which
other technologies they are using for deployment (web server,
framework, mod_python, cgi, fastcgi, hardware, etc, etc...).
Also, the fact that someone could be more versed or knowledgeable of
one language compared to another one, doesn't make it better or worse.
This is s subjective fact, and has nothing to do with the language. It
has to do with who's using the language.

Also, as someone pointed out above, don't you think that the huge
incresement of traffic since they switched to python may have had
something to do with this problem?
Perhaps, their lack of experise in a new language didn't prepare them
for facing such a challenge. Who knows? Yeah, perhaps if they sticked
to Lisp, they could have handled the problem better. They are lispers,
aren't they?

Anyway, you posted a comment, you asked for opinons, you got mine.
Sorry if I ofended you. It wasn't my intention.
I'll make sure I place more smileys in my posts to avoid hurting
feelings from now on  :-)


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