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Robert Kern robert.kern at
Thu Jun 1 20:56:07 CEST 2006

Boris Borcic wrote:
> after a while trying to find the legal manner to file numpy bug reports,
> since it's a simple one, I thought maybe a first step is to describe the bug 
> here. Then maybe someone will direct me to the right channel.

Register an account on our Trac, and then you can create new tickets. We require
registration because we were getting bombarded with spam tickets.

Also, the appropriate mailing list would be numpy-discussion:

> So, numpy appears not to correctly compute bitwise_and.reduce and 
> bitwise_or.reduce : instead of reducing over the complete axis, these methods 
> only take the extremities into account. Illustration :
>  >>> from numpy import *
>  >>> bitwise_or.reduce(array([8,256,32,8]))
> 8

Indeed. Please create a ticket. In the meantime, the .accumulate() method works
correctly; you can use the last item to get the correct result for .reduce().

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