Which compiler will Python 2.5 / Windows (Intel) be built with?

meyer at mesw.de meyer at mesw.de
Fri Jun 16 00:35:21 CEST 2006


thanks for your clear words.

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Nor was it clear to the PyDev community.  Microsoft offered free
> development systems to those among the PyDev group who were core
> developers, and we took that offer.  At the time we had no idea
> it was on such a short-windowed product.  VC6 lasted a _long_ time.

Hmm, I see....

> As nikie pointed out, you can buy a 1-year MSDN Pro Subscription that
> includes the VS2003 system.  All that stopped is the free toolkit.

The MSDN Pro Subscription is not really an option because we have no
use for the 2005 compiler at all if it doesn't work with Python. I
think we'll just try to get some boxed version of Visual Studio 2003
Professional from somewhere.

> Taking percentages of people who complain is not reflect necessarily
> reflective of percentages of the general population.

Of course you're right, but still I think you will get lots of
complaints once 2.5 is out and people realize that they (again) have to
buy a compiler to compile extensions. Don't get me wrong, it's not a
problem for me, but it will be a problem for other people.

>  If I recall
> correctly, there was some angst about using VC6, because it was only
> available for a hefty-for-hobbyists price.  That was quelled with the
> explanation that essentially all Windows developers used the Visual
> Studio toolkit.

The difference here is that back then one had no other option than to
buy the compiler. Today, there _is_ a free Microsoft compiler
available, but it unfortunately is the wrong one.

> As to MinGW, nobody has signed up to commit long-term to doing the PyDev
> work that is required to get (and keep) it working.  Such a developer
> would be welcome.  There _are_ notes out there on the web to help you
> get such things going; I have done my own little bit to share what I
> know about how to do that.

As for what compiler vendor to use, I agree that it is the right
decision to use the Microsoft compiler on Microsoft platforms even if
it means buying it. GCC is not really an alternative on Windows.


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