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Tim Chase python.list at
Wed Jun 14 18:34:28 CEST 2006

> I have recently downloaded Python 2.4.3 on Windows XP. The
> program does not recongnize when I type in python:" name
> 'python' is not defined". Please tell me how to correct this.

Sounds like you don't have it in your path.

In XP, use Win+Break to pull up your system properties (the same 
as right-clicking on "My Computer" and chosing "Properties").  On 
the "Advanced" tab, press the "Environment Variables" button.

If you want the change to be just for your user, add a new 
variable under the top section, named "PATH", with a value of 
"%PATH%;c:\Program Files\Python24" (or wherever the path to 
python.exe resides).  If a PATH variable already exists, you can 
just edit it, appending a semicolon followed by the path to the 
directory containing python.exe

If you want to make python accessible for all users on the 
machine, you can do the same sort of process in the bottom pane 
of that window.

Restart your command-shell and you should be good to go.  Or, if 
you've got stuff in your command shell you don't want to lose, 
you can just use

	c:\> path %PATH%;c:\Progra~1\Python24\

which will set the path for that particular command window, but 
this change will be forgotten when you close the window.


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