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Dennis Benzinger wrote:
> lolmcbride at wrote:
>> Is it possible to use this for sending triggers to a sqlite db?Could
>> someone provide me with an example of how to do this please?
>> Thanks
> Do you want to implement a trigger for a SQLite database in Python?
> That won't work. Triggers in SQLite can only contain UPDATE, INSERT, 
> DELETE and SELECT statements>.

Yes, but you can fake it.

You can create a new SQL function using pysqlite's create_function, and
then just call that function in the trigger. In that Python function from
the trigger, you can then even access SQLite again.

I've attached a quick-and-dirty example.

Note that exceptions in functions get ignored currently, so you better
implement a try-except with some kind of logging during development,
otherwise you will wonder why nothing happens.

Also, older pysqlite releases won't provide useful error messages if you
have errors in the SQL you send to executescript(). Using a recent pysqlite
release is recommended if you plan to use executescript().

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