Python less error-prone than Java

Alan Morgan amorgan at xenon.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jun 4 07:12:52 CEST 2006

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Neil Hodgson  <nyamatongwe+thunder at> wrote:
>Alan Morgan wrote:
>> Since Java doesn't allow function overloading that clearly can't be
>> the way.  J2SE 5.0 allows generic classes and functions that operate
>> on generic containers.  There are some gotchas, but it's not drastically
>> more complex than the original int-only java code.
>    Doesn't Java restrict generics to only operate on reference types so 
>you can't produce a generic binary search that operates on arrays where 
>the item type may be int?

Yup, you have to wrap int (and double and float and...).  Blame type

Defendit numerus

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