Using SQLite3 with python 2.5 beta

Harold Shore hshore at
Fri Jun 23 03:43:42 CEST 2006

>From the release notes I read that

"If you're compiling the Python source yourself, note that 
the source tree doesn't include the SQLite code, only the 
wrapper module. You'll need to have the SQLite libraries 
and headers installed before compiling Python, and the build 
process will compile the module when the necessary headers 
are available."

I do have SQLite3 installed on my system, but after doing a 
plain vanilla compilation of the the 2.5 beta and trying 
the SQLite code given in the release notes I get the message 
"NameError: name 'sqlite3' is not defined".

I wonder what the requirement means that "when the necessary 
headers are available"?  How would they need to be made 

Does anyone have any success with this?

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