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> I just got Python 2.4 setup locally (Mac OS X) and am trying to extend
> it by installing both the markdown and smartypants plugins. Ultimately
> I'd like to be able use both in a custom CMS I'm building with Django.
> Installing markdown was a snap by following the instructions at
>, but I cannot
> figure out what to do for smartypants. I have found:
>, but cannot make any sense
> of it. After reading Jeff Croft's wonderful site, I know it's possible
> - and when I asked him in one of his posts he gave me the following
> response:
> > As for SmartyPants -- there is a Python port. I've found it to be not
quite as perfect as the original   >Perl version, but it basically works.
Just Google for it. You'd install it the same way (drop > in
your Python path).
> Does anyone know what port he's talking about? Is it the
> file referenced above? And if so, any quick tips for a clueless UNIX
> user on how to drop in my Python path? Many thanks in
> advance!

Go to the bottom of and you
will see a number of links to various versions of this .py module.  If you
right-click/Save As to, and then save this file to a
directory in your Pythonpath, then this will make this module accessible to

-- Paul

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