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Thu Jun 15 16:25:11 CEST 2006

diffuser78 at wrote:
> I recently tried a hand at wxGlade and was happy to see it designs a
> GUI for you in minutes. I am a newbie Python coder. I am not completely
> aware of GUI programming.
> I can easily make menubars etc but I am not too sure sure how to get
> more windows poppping to get more information. I mean when you click
> something, a new windows would open and ask for input like that. Since
> I am using wxGlade and wxPython....can you suggest me a quick tutorial
> for GUI programming. 
> Every help is appreciate,
Without having time to go into a full, the way to proceed with Glade 
(unless I am mistaken) is to design each window independently of the 
others, and to use a button press in one window to create an instance of 
another type of window.

Good luck!

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