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Georg Brandl wrote:
> Nick Maclaren wrote:
>>In article <mailman.7574.1151511089.27775.python-list at>,
>>"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> writes:
>>|> identical?  you only applied @property to one of the methods, and then you're
>>|> surprised that only one of the methods were turned into a property?
>>I wasn't expecting EITHER to be turned INTO a property - I was expecting
>>both methods to be the same, but one would have non-default properties
>>attached to it.
> That's another sign that property isn't intended to be used as a decorator.
> Normally, decorators wrap functions with other functions. property doesn't
> return a function but a descriptor object.
OK, I still think the docs need updating, but to explain the above as 
the reason *why* property's use as a decorator is not advised. Or is it 
stylistically and semantically acceptable in the case of a read-only 

Would it make sense, in the single argument case, to default the doc 
value to fget.__doc__ to support that use case, or should we just not 
create read-only properties by using property as a decorator?

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