How to format datetime values

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Fri Jun 2 10:21:12 CEST 2006

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>> Are you trying to get banned, or what?
>> It's the equivalent of me asking you:
>> Hey, does Ruby have anything like dictionaries and will you teach me
>> about strings?  Oh, and what's an object?
>> Go read the bleeping tutorial.
>> rd
> Well, I did investigate all tutorial and google and I wasn't able to find 
> any built-in way for datetime formatting in Python. 

Really ?

For time formating... have you really really looked at module... 'time'?

> In fact I cannot find
> any way to format a long integer into 99,999,9999 format. I know how
> to format strings with C printf like formatter, but I am sure what I
> am trying to do can't be done with C printf formatting.

For long integer formating like your example, its not direct - maybe
look at locale formating of numbers (module... 'locale').

And I recently annouce the PQRC (on clp.announce), which can gives you
some directions:



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