Python to PHP Login System (HTTP Post)

test at test.test test at test.test
Thu Jun 22 02:42:02 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm creating a desktop Python application that requires web-based
authentication for accessing additional application features.

HTTP GET is really simple.
HTTP POST is not (at least for me anyway)    ;)

I have tried a few different sources, but I cannot get HTTP POST to
successfully log in. I can login  using FireFox at

I suggest you register a dummy login to see what I mean (don't enter
your real e-mail address).

Now here's some code:
msparams = urllib.urlencode({'user': self.components.User.text,
'pass': self.components.MagnetSharePassword.text, 'sublogin': '1'})
            f = urllib()   ***What should go here?***
            fc =
            self.statusBar.text = "Disconnected"
            result = dialog.alertDialog(self, 'Couldn\'t connect to! Please check your Internet connection, and then try
            print fc

Also, could you let us know what modules we should import?
Thanks for checking this out!

By the way, the PHP system I'm using is super easy to set up:

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